6 Reasons To Call Now

1. Absolutely No Cost To You

We are so confident that TaxAlliance™ will exceed your expextations that we have decided to offer our entire line of services at no cost to you this year. This essentially means you have absolutely no expense. We'll get you set up with your leading software, installation, employee training, marketing materials and prints, bank products and enrollment, and we can even offer you a pre-season no interest loan to get you in great shape for the upcoming tax season. All without you having to spend a single penny.... ever. In other words, you will have a major advantage in your market this year with absolutey no additional expense.

2. You Will Make More Money

One thing we can definitely promise is that you will absolutely earn a bigger profit this year than you have in your previous years. The systems we will implement combined with our additional services and products, exceptional consulting & training, tricks of the trade and so much more will all contribute to you making more money and yet spending much less this coming tax season. Our mission & our goal has always been to help our partners lower business costs and be more efficient all while servicing more clients & earning higher profits. How many companies can honestly guarantee that to you?

3. You Will Benefit From Our Experience

With all of our many years in the tax preparation business, we have helped so many companies become landmark businesses. Whether you are just begining your tax business or have many years and under your belt, TaxAlliance™ is the perfect business ally for you. We know how to make you grow. We've done it time and time again with dozens of partners, colleagues, existing office owners and many start up offices in the past. The best part of it all is, if you don't succeed we don't succeed, so you will always know that we are here working tirelessly to make sure you achieve your goals.

4. Everything Will Be So Much Easier

Another promise we we can surely make is the fact that your life will get so much easier. We know how difficult it is to run a tax office, prepare hundreds if not thousands of clients, train employees, do pay roll, deal with normal everyday issues and still try and find time to do marketing & promotion to bring customers in. This is exactly why we chose to create this business model. We've been through it, and now, we're helping you get through it too! You can rest easy knowing that we will handle a huge load of the marketing, train your current and/or new employees, provide award winning technical support, call your past, current & potential clients using our advances telemarketing systems and help your preparers with difficult and/or unusual tax situations. Life just got so much easier!

5. Our Methods Tried and True

It has always been a general business and life principle that it is better to chose proven methods that you can later expand on and make your own, than it is to attempt to reach a goal through trial and error. It's definitely much easier to learn from other's mistakes than to make these same mistakes yourself, slowing down your progress. Our systems and methods are tried and true. They have been used over and over again in different cities, targeting different markets & different demographics by different operators. They've always worked. They have been tweaked, revisited and tweaked again. We are confident that they will ork for you.

6. It's Almost Too Late

With the upcoming Tax Season just months away, it is very important that you stay ahead of the game. It is equally important that you have an ally beside you that will keep you strong through a very rough season to come. With the new 2017 tax code changes, implementation of the PATH ACT, enhanced due diligence requirements and EITC & Child Tax Credit refund delays, it is very crucial that you have the capability to offer Cash Advances to potential clients who may be strapped for cash. Also you must be prepared financially to withstand the delays in preparation fee drops. We can offer you advanced payment of your fees along with pre-season office loans at no cost to you! Call an agent today to get equipped.