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Our Main Services

The foundation of all our services is Free leading tax preparation software. We can offer you all the leading tax software from Proseries, TaxWise, Drake, and more absolutely free.

Sales and service business success relies strongly on Market Research. You absolutely have to know how your competitors are doing in order to grow. We specialize in this field and its free to you.

These up-to-date methods of marketing will aid in the promotion of your company & open possibilities for new ideas and concepts. We will execute these great marketing systems perfectly.

One of the top  services we provide is our telemarketing & sales calls. Agents will always identify themselves as an agent from your company, when calling potential
and/or current customers.

Even More Services


At this day and age, everyone we know is inseperable from their smart phone. This is why we also market to your potential and/or past clients via text message.

With our mass messaging capabilities, we are able to send our over 320,000 sms text messages per hour. So whether your a small firm with 250-500 clients are a huge franchise marketing to 25,000 or more we can definitely handle the load.


For the last few years, our world has faced a great leap forward in the development of various websites that in turn led to creation of search engines – special websites devoted to make search on the Internet a lot easier. Due to this fact, promotion on the Web has also changed its main guiding line. Now if you want to make the products listed on your website popular, you need to know how to put them on the first pages of search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Luckily, your partners at TaxAlliance™ can help you with it all.

Business planning & coaching

For those companies who are just starting out and may need a plan of action, we are always ready to provide detailed business plans that include specific information on sales and product promotion.

TaxAlliance™ consists of various departments. One of which is designed to help businesses whose main goal is to offer services of high quality and expand to multiple locations around the nation in multiplle cities..

Another great service that our company can provide is connected with franchise assessment. Our experts on franchise development will advise you on how you should start, promote and sell your newly franchised business.

Time to take your tax business to the next level!

National Business Services


We use our knowlege and experience in the tax business to offer guidance, consulting and sometimes even creating a blueprint to taking your comopany to the national level. While each of our projects is based on a deep local and national market study, we apply our knowledge about the business to produce better ideas for our affiliates' companies.

Performing expert consulting is what has enabled our company to understand the needs of tax businesses, both local and national. It is the main reason for our success and our advancement in the other spheres of the tax business and services industry.

Other Services

As we continue to service more and more clients, some of our affiliates think of new products or services that would benefit them. So we consistently add new services & open new departments within TaxAlliance™ every year. Furthermore, as we grow we plan to add to our services & open new departments and offices in multiple cities.