1. Stacy Roc - 5 Star Tax™ | Boynton Beach, FL

I was referred to the Tax Alliance by a very close friend and colleague of mine who has been with them for years. They were able to take me out of a small office that I rented from an Insurance firm and helped me grow to now have 3 beautiful professional Tax Offices all in different cities in my state. I am so happy to have found these guys. and I would suggest to any professional in the tax business who needs help, do not wait and call the Tax Alliance now!

2. Bengi Michel - NationTax | Brooklyn, NY

I kept hearing make the switch, make the switch from my Rep at Tax Alliance and yet I never knew what a big difference it would make in my business. I was really on the brink of selling my small location due to the stress and frustration of hiring, training, agitating employees actually single year. When I finally made the conscious decision to hire tax alliance, I realized that this industry can be very lucrative and stress-free. Just need the right people working for you. I would strongly recommend you call these folks at Tax Alliance ASAP and see for yourself

3. Mallory Smith - Tax One™ | Melbourne, FL

You can't always judge the worth or the value of a company's service by looking at the price of its products or services. In the beginning I felt that because I didn't have to pay anything, I wouldn't get anything. I had that, "you get what you pay for" mindset. Boy was I wrong. From the very start I was able to see that I made the right decision. In fact, I was wondering what took me so long to finally decide to work with these guys. They are truly professionals and I love the way they treat us like friends and partners. Everyone else treated us like a number. The guys at Tax Alliance always spoil you because they really genuinely care. 

4. Jenny Terlonge-Serge - JTS Tax | Belle Glade, FL

Our location wasn't bringing in that much business. It was in a small rural area where most people didn't necessarily trust a small family owned tax office. I took my husband's advice and called tax alliance to first take advantage of their Free software offer and also to find out exactly what we could do to get more customers through the door. Stephen was very helpful and his team came up with a genius plan to raise my company image and eventually doubled our customer base the very first month. I am so grateful to have them by my side.

5. Hans Jeannite - TaxGurus™ | Charlotte, NC

These guys are the friggin best! I always thought of myself as a tax guru but must say, I've learned so much from working with TaxAlliance throughout the years. Not only do they offer you the best tax software on the market, but they install it, train your people to use it, provide tech support when needed and they even answer calls to give you great help and tax advice when a preparer might be stuck or is facing an crazy unusual tax situation. I just want to say thank you so much for going the extra mile time and time again.

6. Harriette Benoit - H&R Block | Anaheim, CA

We share offices with an insurance company and a real estate firm and yet we rarely exchange clients or referrals. Tax Alliance created a referral exchange program for me that made our company more money in the off season than we made filling taxes during tax season. I knew that having a relationship with hundreds of customers was valuable but I wasn't putting my customer database to good use. Calling Tax Alliance was the smartest business move I ever made. Thanks guys. You have my refferals and loyalty for life. :-)